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Skinlab Skincare Course Syllabus

Phase 1-

Class is back in session soon! Set yourself up for success in building healthy, glowing skin with the 3 essential building blocks in skincare. Think "Protect, Prevent, Correct."

Supply List:


__Vitamin C


[PROTECT] SPF will be vital to your success in this new journey. Not only will you be protected from the Sun's UVB rays (think sunburns) but you will be protected from UVA rays as well (think damage to elastin & collagen, skin cancer.) By using SPF daily, and reapplying every 2 hours, your skin will radiate with an even toned complexion.

[PREVENT] Vitamin C will be applied daily, in the morning to prevent damage to your skin, protecting from potential damage from free radicals formed by pollution, the sun, and metals. Using Vitamin C daily will help to strengthen your skin's barrier in order to perform at optimal levels.

[CORRECT] Use a corrective product at least 2x week. You can choose from Retinol or Glycolic 10 Overnight. For the super sensitive skin types you may use Retexturing Activator nightly. These will help to correct pigmentation, fine lines, acne, and texture.

Phase 2-

Once you have mastered the building blocks to success you may still need to incorporate other products into your routine based on the areas you may still be having difficulties in. You will dive deeper into aging, acne, pigmentation, and dehydration concerns.

Supply List:



__Targeted Corrective Serums

If you have any questions on which specific supplies (products) are perfect for your skin type and skin concerns, the staff at Skinlab Charleston are here to guide and support you through every step. Best wishes on this journey!

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