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I am so excited to finally be able to share SkinCeuticals newest product; P-TIOX! I have been fortunate enough to take part as a test subject in the final stages of the P-TIOX clinical trials. Not only was I lucky enough to be a participant in the final stages of development, but a select few of my patients acted as willing participants as well! After consistently using P-TIOX over the last three months, it was a unanimous conclusion that we were all Seeing an absolutely loving the effects on our skin!

P-TIOX is formulated with an Advanced Peptide Complex containing 2% Hexapeptide & 2% Dipeptide. This novel peptide complex was inspired by the effects of neurotoxin in limiting muscle contraction and therefore reducing visible expression wrinkles. The peptides in P-TIOX work to reduce and regulate acetylcholine Which intern limits, muscle contraction, invisibly, reduces expression wrinkles.

P-TIOX also contains a potent blend of actives, known as the Glass Skin Complex. A combination of 5% PHA, 5% Niacinamide & 1% Laminara Extract maximize Hydration while gently exfoliating to Improve texture and radiance while simultaneously stimulating collagen production.

This product is the perfect complement to any skin care routine due to its multitude of benefits. It's a product I will absolutely recommend to ALL of my injectable patients (both neurotoxin & filler) as routine use of P-TIOX will work synergistically to enhance & prolong treatment results. P-TIOX is also highly applicable & effective for patients who are not interested in or who have not yet ventured into treatment with neurotoxin or filler. These patient will still experience all of the amazing benefits P-TIOX has to offer. 

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